Beyond the field - Andrew and his Penn State Football pal Drew Boyce and fellow players

For as much as Andrew loves Penn State football on his own merit, Andrew's Gift would like to recognize a special friend of Andrew's who has made our football experience extraordinary for the past few years, Drew Boyce. Andrew and Drew first met a few years ago at a Penn State game that Drew attended during one of his recruiting visits. Four years and many memories later, Andrew has enjoyed watching Drew play as a linebacker during his time in State College.

Because of Drew, Andrew and I have been able to see first hand how truly thoughtful and caring the Penn State football program is. In an effort to connect Andrew to his favorite team, Drew asked each member of the 2012 team and coaching staff to sign a football as a gift for his friend. Drew's kindness didn't stop there, as this weekend he invited Andrew to meet some of the current players after the homecoming game. Needless to say, Andrew was ecstatic to receive the football and have the opportunity to meet some of the players who signed it!

The thoughtfulness of Drew and the rest of the Penn State football team has brought a tremendous amount of happiness to Andrew. The Penn State football program is comprised of players and coaches who are very generous with their time in giving back to the community.  At Andrew’s Gift we have been impressed by all of the individuals we have had the pleasure to meet.  The Penn State football program is a group of amazing people and we are very grateful to them.