1)      What is Andrew’s Gift?

Andrew’s Gift is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit publicly supported foundation which provides benefits for individuals of all ages with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) who live  in Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry counties.

2)      What types of grants are eligible for funding?

Andrew’s Gift provides grants for a wide variety of requests.  We have focused on grants in the areas of technology, therapies and respite care.  Some examples of grants we have made include iPads, summer camp sessions, horseback riding, recreational therapy, driver’s education, safety gates for windows, weighted vests and blankets.

3)      Do you have a limit on the amount?

We do not have a limit on the amount of a grant request.  We do however use the amount of the request as criteria in our decisions as we want to  assure we are serving as wide a population as possible.

4)      Is there a limit on how frequently I can apply?

In order to serve as wide a population as possible, we limit our grants to one per calendar year for each beneficiary.  You may apply effective January 1st, each year for a new grant. 

5)      Do you provide training with the iPads?

We provide periodic group training to individuals who have received iPads.  The training concentrates on the use of the iPad as well as the apps that are most beneficial to individuals with autism.  Training is directed at parents and others working with the individuals with autism.  The iPads are given to the individuals at the training.

6)      What are the eligibility requirements?

Recipients are required to have an ASD diagnosis and live in Dauphin, Cumberland or Perry counties.

7)      Do you plan to expand your geographic coverage?

We do plan to gradually expand our coverage to other counties.  We wanted to assure that we understood the demand for grants and had a system that provided timely fulfillment of grant requests.  Once we are confident that we have achieved those objectives we will add counties to our geographic requirements.

8)      How can I make a donation to Andrew’s Gift?

If you would like to make a donation using a credit card or your PayPal account, please visit our Donate page.  

If you would prefer to donate by writing a check, please send your donations to:

Andrew’s Gift

P.O. Box 6014

Harrisburg, PA  17112

9)      How can I apply for a grant from Andrew’s Gift?

Complete the online application at andrewsgift26.com or you can also print out a hard copy and mail or fax the documents to us.  Click on this link to do either one.  


10)   How is the funding for a grant handled?

Andrew’s Gift makes the purchase of the goods or services which are granted.  We do not provide funding directly to the grant recipient.

11)   How much time does it take to receive a decision on a grant application?

We review applications on a monthly basis. Communication of our decision is generally made within two weeks of the meeting.  We often receive incomplete grant applications which require follow-up in order for the Board to arrive at a decision. An incomplete application slows the decision making on that grant request.

12)   What information is required in the grant application?

a.       A complete application

b.      A detailed description of the goods or services requested

c.       Documentation of an ASD diagnosis

d.      Waiver agreements

13)   Do you recommend vendors to grantees?

We do not provide vendor recommendations but do include on our website vendors from whom we have purchased goods or services for our grantees. This list will naturally expand as we continue to fund grants for a variety of requests.

14)   How can vendors get involved with Andrew’s Gift?

Please contact Dorothy Ward at 717 737 2004

15)   I would like to get involved with Andrew’s Gift.  How can I volunteer?

Andrew’s Gift is currently an all-volunteer organization and we welcome others who would like to volunteer.  Please contact Dorothy Ward at 717-814-3300

16)   If I have a question how can I contact Andrew’s Gift?

        Please send us an e-mail at andrewsgift26@gmail.com.  

        We will respond to your e mail within 24-48 hours.