A thank you from Owen and family

Dear Andrew's Gift,

Thank you for the gift of a grant to allow our 5-year-old son, Owen, to increase his sessions at Fitness 4 Focus!  He has been working with Shawn once a week for almost a year, and he is always excited when it's time for his session.  Chris and Shawn are completely invested in helping Owen not only work on physical strength and coordination, but they also challenge him cognitively and have high expectations and get him to work towards them.  When I get stuck in the mindset of, "He can't do that yet," they prove me wrong time and again.  I was blown away a couple of weeks ago when they wrote his schedule on a white board and told him to erase the tally marks beside each activity every time he completed one, and he'd march right over to the board after each set and holler, "Erase!" and take one mark off.  (Sometimes he'd erase two or three at a time - didn't like those sets??)

They even promote social interactions by getting the kids to work together in the gym.  Then last week they invited us to sit in front of their Hershey location to watch the Halloween parade while they were walking in it, and when they came past us, they scooped Owen up and took him with them.  He was all smiles and laughed the entire time we walked the parade route.  These guys are not only amazing at what they do with the kids while they're in the gym, they make their clients feel like a part of a big family.  Having local organizations like Andrew's Gift and Fitness 4 Focus who genuinely care about the special needs kids in the area means the world to us parents.  Thanks again!!