Another playset given!

We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at Andrew’s Gift for your generous grant donation. Although we really can’t thank you enough, we wanted to let you know how appreciative we are of your generosity. We are sure that Jack will get years of enjoyment from our new swing set. He already loves it, and would spend all day playing on it, regardless of the weather, if we let him. We have already seen much improvement in Jack’s swing set skills. He climbs the ladder with ease, loves the slide, and is slowly getting used to the swing. He has noticed the monkey bars, and is curious, but is not quite ready to take on that challenge yet!  

We wanted you to see the end result so we have provided a few pictures for you. We wanted you to see the set itself, and we wanted to show you Jack enjoying himself.  Your gift has certainly gone to a great cause, and again, we wanted to express our utmost thanks for your generosity.

Eric, Lauren, Jack, and Olivia Maguire