Sadie's Story - The power to communicate with new technology

Take time to read a recent letter from a parent of one of our grant recipients. Another reason why we are dedicated to providing assistive technology at Andrew's Gift.

Hello There:

Sadie just wanted to check in and show you how many buttons she is navigating on her new communication device on her iPad.  We had some growing pains at first, but Sadie is starting to take off on her Words for Life/LAMP APP and iPad that you so generously gave us at the 2016 November IPAD training .  She is starting to request and more importantly see the power behind her words.  Teachers, therapist and family members are all working hard to provide opportunities for her to practice her core words in meaningful contexts.  Having an iPad exclusively for communication really helps Sadie.  It did not work to try to have her switch back and forth between leisure apps and her communication device.  We are doing everything we can to help her language grow and this is a big boost.  Thank you!  

In March my husband and I went to our second iPad learning day at Vista School.  We doubled our knowledge of useful apps for Sadie!  We are using Choiceworks (one of your apps from your breakout sessions) to organize her ABA sessions.  Sadie attends to the digital visual schedule and is comforted to know what is coming next.  Thank you not only for the apps, but more importantly for the knowledge you transfer through field experts and informative sessions.  We will be back in June to learn even more.