A big thank you to Andrew's Gift from Tony!

The family of an Andrew's Gift grant recipient recently dropped us a note -

"How does one go about expressing deep gratitude for the gift that you have given Tony and our family? We received our iPad in March and ever since then Tony has taken off with finding his voice.  One gift has opened so many doors for Tony.  It has given him a way to communicate and the ability to make his wants and needs known without having to try to guess. Since March, Tony had made great strides and he continues to amaze us every day with what he can do.  Because of what Andrew’s gift does for people on the spectrum we are grateful that Tony has found his voice. The iPad along with ProloQuo2Go has been an enormous help to him.  Tony is now able to mand and tact (some items) to express what he is lacking at that moment.  Tony is better able to explore and communicate because of technology. We are forever grateful for what you have done for our family."