About Andrew’s Gift iPad Days

iPad Day…a day of possibilities

Since its introduction, the iPad has received a great deal of attention for its potential to enhance the lives of those living with autism.  In response, Andrew’s Gift is pleased to offer educational opportunities for those who are interested in learning how to better use their iPads to support the learning and independent functioning of individuals with autism through our iPad Day.  This day of training is available to anyone in Central PA as well those who have been granted an iPad through our Individual/Family Grant Program.  

Each iPad Day will offer a variety of topics and experiences that address the diversity of use that the iPad promises.  The days will be offered three times a year and through the rotating curriculum our experienced faculty will provide novel learning experiences each day…so please feel free to join us again and again.

If you have received an iPad from AG in the past, make sure to bring the iPad with you.  Come ready to explore your device, upload a wide variety of apps and participate in a selection of sessions that are designed to explore how to use your device to enhance the learning and independent functioning of those with autism.  

Each day will offer a variety of topics and opportunities such as:

  • iPad Basics such as accessibility features, use of native apps, and how to search for an app

  • Introducing the iPad while considering behavioral issues, communication considerations, educational experiences

  • Breakout sessions that provide guided experiences in the use of the iPad to support communication, learning, and independent functioning

  • A Make ‘N Take that illustrates an app and provides an opportunity for hands-on guidance in use of the app

  • A Tech Table for 1:1 support with technical issues or questions about specific needs or use for individuals