iPad Information

Andrew's Gift distributes iPads three times per year ...March, June and November.  

In order to qualify for an iPad:

1.  Families should submit a complete application which must include proof of an ASD.

2.  Applications will be reviewed and the individual will be notified if he or she is eligible to receive the iPad.

3.  If an individual is granted an iPad, a family member or a professional working with the individual is required to attend an all-day iPad training that Andrew's Gift provides. Cases for the iPads and many free applications are given to the families.  Please note that the parent/and or professional attending the iPad day is expected to stay for the entire day of training.  For those who need to leave early, the iPad will be held for you until the next iPad day.                           

4.  The training is held at the Vista School, 1021 Springboard Drive, Hershey, PA 17033