Ray Chopper Remembrance Page



We all have so many amazing memories with Ray, but I wanted to reflect on how Ray still touches my life.  Growing up I always wanted to be around Ray, his family and his friends since you knew you would be having lots of laughs and a great time.  As I grew up, Ray was there for me much more than just having a few drinks watching the Steelers - Ray was always there to help guide me professionally and personally.  As I now reflect on what Ray has meant to me, I realize that I still rely on Ray to help guide me through my life and provides me aspirations to be the best husband, father and friend I can be.  Thanks Ray for all the fun times we shared and helping me along my way in life.  Loves Ya!!

Jason S.

If you have any memories that would liked to be shared about Ray, please email Jason at  jskrinak@rklcpa.com to be added to this page.