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The lifetime cost of supporting an individual with an Autism Spectrum Disorder can be overwhelming for many families, which may put stress on their marriage, other children, work, and personal relationships. Additionally, the financial burdens that families experience as a result of an Autism Spectrum Disorder often limit opportunities for the individual with autism. Andrew’s Gift makes Individual Grants in an effort to assist families in addressing basic needs, in accessing specialized equipment, and in providing opportunities for community-based recreation and skill-building experiences.

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Since July 2014, Andrew’s Gift has served over


individuals through our Individual Grants program…

This is just another way we’re enriching the lives of those living with autism.

Through our Individual Grant program, we provide opportunities for individuals with autism to access the following:

Recreational activities (for example)

  • fitness

  • swim lessons

  • therapeutic horseback riding

  • summer camps

  • social skills camps and groups

  • Hershey Park passes

  • opportunities to trial recreational activity (music, art, dance, gymnastic...)

  • bicycles

Specialized equipment (for example)

  • sensory equipment (weighted blankets, small exercise trampolines, fidget toys, etc)

  • safety gates

  • window bars

How to apply

If you know an individual with an autism spectrum disorder who is in need and are interested in applying for a grant you can fill out an on-line application or by downloading a PDF version of the application.  

Grant applications are accepted year round with no deadline and are reviewed for approval quarterly (January, April, July, and October). Applicants will be notified when an application is received and then again soon after the grant review committee meets regarding the status of the grant.


If you are requesting support for summer programs or park passes you will need to submit your application by April 1st.

If you are requesting an iPad, please use our iPad Grant Application form, do not use the Individual Grant Application Form.


Grant limits

We do not have a limit on the amount of a grant request.  However, to assure we are serving as wide a population as possible, we do consider the amount requested as part of the criteria for approval.  

Our grants are often used to offset as well as fully fund the cost of equipment and opportunities for individuals.


Grant approvals are limited to one per calendar year.  If your grant request is approved you may apply for another grant after January 1st of the next year.  Requests must be limited to one service or item for each application submitted per calendar year (requests for sensory materials may include multiple items).  

If you are making requests for multiple individuals you will need to complete an application for each individual.

If your grant is denied, you are eligible to apply to Andrew's Gift again in the same calendar year. 


Grant applicants must live within Dauphin, Cumberland, Perry, Lebanon & Lancaster counties in Pennsylvania.


Andrew’s Gift makes purchases of requested goods and directly pays service providers for all approved grants.  We do not provide funding directly to grant recipients.

To best maximize your chance of being funded, please be aware that we will NOT fund:

  • Fences, swing sets, outdoor trampolines, GPS elopement devices

  • Ongoing therapies (SLP, ABA, OT, music)

  • Hyperbolic, supplements, auditory trainings

  • Automobile purchases or repairs, transportation passes, rent, utilities

  • Service/therapy dogs

  • Family or personal vacations

  • Security cameras

  • Door alarms

  • Adaptive bicycles

  • Adult tricycles 

  • Tuition (preschool, private school, post-secondary school)

  • Monetary funds are NOT directly gifted to families


Please note that incomplete applications will NOT be reviewed until all information is provided.  

The following information is crucial for review; not including this information will result in a delay of reviewing and potentially approving your grant.

  • supporting documentation of an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis

  • financial information

  • signature of a legal guardian

If you have any questions regarding the application process or are in need of assistance, please contact us at or 717-814-3300.

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