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Since its introduction, the iPad has received a great deal of attention for its potential to enhance the lives of those living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The portability and flexibility that iPads offer make it a more accessible tool for individuals who have learning or coordination difficulties. The iPad is a great tool for supporting communication, learning, behavior, motivation and independent leisure time.  However, this tool is more powerful when families and caregivers receive training and support in how to use the device…it is quality teaching and support that make positive outcomes possible, not just the device.

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Since April 2014, Andrew’s Gift has gifted over


iPads to individuals and provided their families and caretakers with training to effectively use it…


This is just another way we’re enriching the lives of those living with autism.

In response to this need for quality training, Andrew’s Gift is pleased to offer an opportunity for those who are interested in learning how to better use their devices through our iPad Day.  This day of training is available to anyone who has an iPad. Our experienced faculty consists of speech and language pathologists, teachers, occupational therapists, behavior analysts, and communication specialists.  The team of professionals will lead you through a variety of activities that will support your ability to identify a specific goal, select an application that will support your goal, and provide opportunities for hands-on practice using the application.


For those families who are struggling to find funding to purchase an iPad, Andrew’s Gift has an opportunity to apply for an iPad through its iPad Grant Program.  We also provide funding for specialized AAC apps (such as ProLoQuo2Go, Lamp: Words for Life, etc) to go with an Andrew’s Gift iPad or for a family-purchased iPad.  A request for an AAC app may be made by filling out a separate, AAC App application. This AAC App application must be filled out by a professional working with the individual requesting the app (an SLP, OT, BCBA, communication specialist, etc).  This AAC application is available only on-line.

What to expect for an iPad Day

Each iPad Day will offer a variety of topics and opportunities to explore your device.  Each day will consist of the following experiences:

  • iPad basics such as accessibility features, use of native apps, and how to search for an app

  • how to use your device to enhance communication, educational experiences, and self-regulation

  • hands-on experience with a variety of applications that you will download and take home to use

  • opportunities to meet with a professional for a 1:1 session to address your unique needs

iPad Day information

Our 2024 iPad Days are scheduled as follows:​

  • April 27, 2024

  • October 19, 2024

  • November 16, 2024


Online registration is required to attend the event.  Registration will become active 4 weeks prior to each iPad Day.  There will be a $12 registration fee to help offset the cost of the continental breakfast and lunch that is included with the day.


Please note that child care is NOT available for these iPad Days.  To insure an optimal learning environment, please find alternative care for your children.

Our iPad Days occur at: 

The Vista School

1021 Springboard Drive

Hershey, PA  17033

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