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"Andrews Gift has provided all 3 of my daughters with autism an iPad. Since having the iPad my daughters are better with routines and schedules, how to take deep breaths when upset due to different learning apps, how to love themselves using the Me app by tiny bop, and even the weather using the app called The Earth. They have thrived with communication. Andrew's Gift has been a tremendous blessing to them and will be something they cherish and remember as the years go on."


"Thanks Andrew's Gift for the wonderful iPad provided to my daughter. The iPad is a great asset! We use it several times with different purposes: education, leisure, appointments. She loves it and so we do, thanks so much!"


"Andrew’s gift has been a blessing. My son loves the interactive apps. We have heard him mimic and pick up on phrases from the apps. He has said “Good bye, I love you, and Let’s play”… it’s a big deal for our family because he is non verbal. He has learned to take pictures and adjust well to other electronics. It is amazing to watch him navigate and explore."


“We would like to thank you for the generous support from Andrew’s Gift. With the iPad, my son is able to connect with his cousin who lives two hours away. With the schedule app, he could track what he's supposed to do every day. For him, checking all his activities is the need before he goes to bed.”


"Thanks for the iPad for my son, on it he puts songs. He also uses it more for when he needs a shower , diaper change or to eat ."


"It's been very helpful for my son Luis, he can learn and communicate his needs. We as a family are very blessed because Andrews gift gave us the help that my son needed.

I know that they are making a difference because they are helping families and kids in needs. Thank You so much to all the people that work with them to make this world better."


This experience is one that I will never forget! From the day of training it was so helpful, and the staff were so polite. I received so many different apps that have helped my son in so many ways. The apps are fun, but very beneficial! I downloaded a app that encourages using the potty, and my son has been encouraged to use the the potty. Overall an amazing experience and such a blessing we will forever be thankful.


Andrew's Gift has helped my child Dallas a lot. He is talking more, he is using his iPad for many things. He is 5 and can do 25 piece puzzles without help. He has even set the timer while doing them and got record times. He uses it for daily tasks and it comes in handy in the car going places or at the doctors, he plays while we wait.


"Thank you for a tremendous day of training and the iPad. Patrick was thrilled tonight when he saw it. You both are doing wonderful things and making a difference in many lives."

Grace's Parents

"We are so grateful for the grant you have given us! Grace is so excited to finally bring her partner, Kingston, home! She started 7th grade in the high school this year, so the timing is perfect. We greatly appreciate your support!"

Tyson's Mom

"Thank you for 'making it happen'...Being a widow and single mom has been difficult, but I am always wanting Tyson to get the best quality of life. I think he can achieve his goal now. The seminar on July 12th was awesome!'"


"Thank you for the iPad."

LaDawna Clancy

"The iPad is a nice addition to our behavioral plan. Grace uses it for schedules and educational games. Thank you so very much for this educational tool."

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