How did we get our logo for Andrew's Gift?

While it's often that the students in Wendy Lenker-Badorf's Advertising Art & Design program work with outside clients to create logos, invitations, and other designs, it definitely isn't common that they play a part in helping a new charity organization establish itself. As part of this year's challenge to all CPAVTS programs to find and raise money for a charity of their choice, Ms. Lenker-Badorf's students, in addtion to helping raise money for two charities, have donated their time and designs to two different organizations--namely, Andrew's Gift.

Andrew's Gift is a new charity created in January that aims to help families living with autism, whether that be children or adults who have been touched by the disorder. The organization provides educational and financial support by funding therapies, special events, skill development, technological equipment, and many other things that are a necessity to properly caring for a family member with autism.

Not only did Myranda Taylor and Isaac Kuhn work together to provide the logo displayed below, but also an invitation to the gala held on April 5th where the logo was unveiled and the organization presented itself to the public. This is the type of thing the Advertising Art & Design students do on a fairly regular basis for outside clients.

In addition to the work they did for Andrew's Gift, two of Ms. Lenker-Badorf's students constructed a three-panel presentation board for the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center, a nonprofit organization that aims to provide help, support, pregnancy testing, education, and more material needs to women, men, teens, and families who are struggling.

The class has not yet begun the fundraising portion of their efforts to support these two charities, but they hope to begin this process sometime in the very near future.