• Andrew Ward

About Andrew: Fun Facts

Today, we'd like to provide a few fun facts about Andrew. This is a way to get to know

him, as our organization was founded in his name.

Andrew's favorites: -Foods: cheeseburger and pizza -Color: blue -TV shows: Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy -Vacation spot: Hilton Head Island -College football team: Penn State U -iPad interests: listens to a variety of music, airports and airplanes, follows Fifties Web (a website that tracks celebrity deaths), watches several Catholic masses on YouTube. -Hobbies: Skiing, swimming and traveling -Memory: he remembers everyone's birthday and the type of car they drive

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Andrew’s Gift provides resources to those individuals living in Pennsylvania with autism to enable their development and enrich their lives. We provide: iPads, fitness, summer camps, horseback riding, sensory equipment, basic human needs: beds, safety gates & window bars.


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Phone: (717) 814-3300

Effective August 1, 2020,

our new fax # is (717) 412-2111


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