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Andrew's Adventure - September 26th and 29th 2018

Thanks to all the families who participated in Andrew's Adventure on September 26th and 29th. It was a fun and interactive play day at Ben’s Playce, a new interactive and multi-sensory play space located at The Vista School!

During our Andrew's Adventure parent meeting on September 26th, parents learned strategies designed to improve their child’s communication skills.  Parents learned how to use iPad apps to create and customize communication opportunities for their child. Parent's had the opportunity to practice using these interactive communication strategies ahead of our Andrew's Adventure to Ben's Playce! 

During our Andrew's Adventure family day on September 29th, parents used their customized iPad apps to support their child's communication at Ben's Playce. The children enjoyed playing on the playground, singing songs, painting pumpkins, playing in the sensory bins, and choosing a snack! With the guidance of Andrew’s Gift faculty, families had a fun and interactive play day at Ben’s Playce!

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